Retail design trends have been impacted since the pandemic. Here are some of the biggest changes we’re seeing.

In recent years we’ve seen a seismic shift in the retail shopping experience. Ecommerce is booming thanks to the evolving technology resulting in the transformation of the in-person shopping experience. Research shows that 76 percent of customers shop through the internet, and it’s anticipated online shopping will continue to grow.

There’s optimal pricing, convenience, and a wide selection in online shopping compared to traditional retail stores. Nonetheless, brick-and-mortar stores are here to stay as many clients will still choose a live experience. Retail stores that desire to succeed by blending effective retail and online shopping need to have a more appealing layout to satisfy every customer.

Here are retail layout design trends to focus on in their spaces.

1. Interactive shopping experience

Curbside pickup and online orders are taking over the retail shopping experience. Presently, stores are welcoming back consumers in large numbers while competing with online shopping experience. Retailers should offer enjoyable and entertaining experience in the stores that is appealing and attractive to customers.

Retailers must improve their creativity and create an atmosphere of comfort and safety because it’s not just about the experience of visiting a store in person. Retailers need to have innovative, creative designs that boost a memorable and interactive experience while trying out and holding various items is limited in selected stores.

2. Minimalist merchandising

There’s a sense of sophistication when retailers have a minimalist design. Retailers stocked shelves and displays in the past with many products. Minimalist merchandising is a retail design layout trend that is useful in creating a sophisticated and simplified shopping experience. Retailers can use this technique to display a certain product line and as an in-store design improvement.

Displaying less merchandise is an effective trend because fewer inventories are showcased providing a convenient solution to maintaining a tidy space. Various stores are reopening in smaller spaces and they are encouraged to only stock products tailored to their clients.

3. Comfortable, home-like design, natural lighting

Consumers are attracted and are likely to shop in a store that has a home-like design. Retailers need to utilize this retail layout design trend to create a home-like, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere in the store. Incorporating natural lighting will make consumers feel comfortable and desire to revisit the store.

Natural light enables customers to get a more detailed sense of color improving the appeal of products. Retail stores with natural lighting are likely to give clientele a rapid burst of energy.

4. Integrating technology

The retail shopping experience is now dominated by technology which is helping provide entertainment and convenience. QR codes are contactless methods to shop that are becoming popular. A Small Business Trends article shows that QR codes are fun ways to come up with contests and enter customers to get discount coupon codes.

Robots offer another option for retailers and are becoming popular because they can perform a variety of tasks.

5. Combining in-store and ecommerce cohesively

The eCommerce sector is growing constantly. Retailers need to incorporate eCommerce in their business models since shopping online is becoming popular. The key lies in establishing a strategy that combines in-store and eCommerce cohesively.

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