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Our General Contracting Services 

We have contributed our construction expertise to projects for over 20 years.  The build is one of the key factors to your project and so is the planning. We support your projects from start to finish by providing you with the professionals and trades you need. Our team of Architects, Engineers, Plumbers, Electricians and more are managed by us.  The HI-Performance Construction Team is your one point of contact for every aspect of your project so you can focus on what you do best, growing your business.

Our 20+ years of General Contracting experience allows us to create customized solutions for our clients daily.

“I have purchased a property and want to build my franchise location, but I need an expert to tell me what my options are – so that I’m getting the most out of my property and my budget.”

We understand franchising concepts and models. We can help you navigate the unique issues that franchise face when renovating a space.


“In the past, I engaged contractors for leasehold improvements, but the progress was hampered by delays in waiting for certain individuals to be present at the site to carry out their tasks.”

Delays can happen during renovations, but HI-Performance Construction has several crews that can work concurrently, taking on more than one job at once. We will be ready for each stage of your project.


“My main concerns are staying on time and on budget. But I can only plan around the pitfalls I’m aware of. I need someone to advise me on what’s coming.”

We’ve seen it all! We can advise you when something has the potential to change your project and give you sensible, realistic options to stay on track.


Integrity And Value

Our goal is to always show our partners, our team members, and our clients the utmost respect and integrity throughout every project. We work for you to always get the most out of your project without cutting costs or corners.


We’re proud to have some of the best contractors and team members in the business. Our team of experts will help walk you through each step of the process, so you always have an understanding of what’s happening throughout while ensuring your project is expertly executed down to the last detail.


We don’t believe in cutting corners because we value the safety of our team members and our clients more than anything else. We provide proper training, licensing and insurance, and we keep track of which contractors, suppliers, and supervisors are at the site at all times to ensure the utmost quality and safety to everyone involved.


Timeline + BUDGET

We respect your time and your schedule which is why we have a detailed timeline from start to finish. By being thorough and thoughtful with our schedules, we ensure that you have a good understanding of our work timeline and that our goal is to save you time and money.


Everything from Drawings to Permits to Renovations

We are your trusted one-stop partner for medium to large retail construction projects in the Greater Toronto Area.

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