Your One-Stop Contractor for Commercial Retail Renovations

Contractor for Commercial Retail

Got a business name, a product or service and a location? Contact Mirodan – and leave the building to us.

Retail spaces are changing and growing. We pride ourselves in supporting clients from start to finish, on any project.  From drawings and permits to full construction, we have the team, experience, and confidence to help you build.

Our 20+ years experience allows us to create customized solutions for our clients daily.

“I have purchased a property and want to build my franchise location, but I need an expert to tell me what my options are – so that I’m getting the most out of my property and my budget.”

We understand franchising concepts and models. We can help you navigate the unique issues that franchise face when renovating a space.


“In the past, I engaged contractors for leasehold improvements, but the progress was hampered by delays in waiting for certain individuals to be present at the site to carry out their tasks.”

Delays can happen during renovations, but Mirodan has several crews that can work concurrently, taking on more than one job at once. We will be ready for each stage of your project.


“My main concerns are staying on time and on budget. But I can only plan around the pitfalls I’m aware of. I need someone to advise me on what’s coming.”

We’ve seen it all! We can advise you when something has the potential to change your project and give you sensible, realistic options to stay on track.


Experience you can build on

Projects Successfully Completed

Years of Quality Work


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Bringing your retail store to life, one store at a time.

Our past clients have included: retail spaces, franchises, food and beverage outlets, spas, commercial/industrial mixed-use offices and more.


Everything from Drawings to Permits to Renovations

We are your trusted one-stop partner for medium to large retail construction projects in the Greater Toronto Area.


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